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Entertainment and Media

2017 | Role: UX design lead

This project was a conceptual redesign of an entertainment hub. The hub contains soft news and articles related to sports and entertainment. It works as a connector to the brand’s media ecosystem.

Disclaimer: All the branding was removed for client data protection. 
Co-Worker: Minh Bui (creative designer)

A beautiful entertainment experience, surfacing what’s new on your favourites sports leagues, TV Shows and series. 

A change in the business model

The previous design supported a business model in which the revenue was mostly based on advertising. The redesign still contains advertisements, but it starts a move towards a new business model where most of revenue comes from subscription to content on demand with partners like Netflix, Stan and sports leagues. The challenge from the UX perspective finding a way to offer subscriptions, contextualised and relevant, without being inconvenient.



Collaborating, testing and iterating.

As a group, we did co-design sketching sessions, content brainstorming and a product thinking activity. 

I also ran a weekly design review to collect feedback as we progressed.

Prototyping and testing

I first prototyped some screens. Then I planed and conducted sessions of usability testing and card sorting.

Design war room.

Design war room.