Do good in the world

Social issues are intrinsically human-centric.

In the past years, I’ve been making a conscious effort to work with corporations that I believe that make a positive impact. Beyond that, I also spend some of my spare time working (for free) on things that I believe that cause positive impact. Usually, (but not necessarily), initiatives related to design and technology that aim for social justice.

I was born in a developing country with a number of social issues, but, by chance, I was lucky to be born in a privileged family. Growing up in Rio made me very aware that succeeding is not always about effort.

There's a lot of people that are just as capable, committed and go-getter as I'd like to believe that I am - but just didn't have the same opportunities. That's why I'm always keen to work with people and organisations aiming for a better and more inclusive society.

Ways I can help

If you have a project or an idea that cause a positive impact through design, hit me up.

Examples on how we can use design for good:

Charity - Doing design and communication plans for not-for-profits, to help to raise funds, sponsors, partnerships, etc. Back in Brazil I used to volunteer for an organisation that fights extreme poverty in South America. I was part of the comms team, designing online ads, email marketing, but also doing field research in slums, etc. 

Small business - I’m currently working with a lovely lady I met in Kenya. She is a tourist guide setting up her own business in the tourism industry. I’m helping her by designing some bits and pieces like brochures, setting up her email and website.

Kids and tech - Research shows that gender stereotypes are defined from 5 to 7 years of age, so I believe that engaging kids to technology is a key initiative to make the industry more diverse in the future. I’ve been a mentor at CoderDojo, a organisation that teach kids very basic programming principles and I’ve also done a short talk at the Brisbane library explaining to the kids what UX designers do.

Empowering woman -  I co-organise a social meet up group in Brisbane, for woman in design. I do anything for organising the events, finding speakers, or running workshops myself. The idea is positively promote and teach each other. The group is worldwide and does not run for profit, but seeks to make the world of work better for women around the world.

Got an idea? Let's chat!