The Voice Brazil

2013 | Role: UX and Information Architect

The Brazilian edition of the American reality show is aired by TV Globo. The idea of the series is to find new singing talent (solo or duets) contested by aspiring singers, drawn from public and blind auditions. The winner is determined by viewers by voting through the Internet. You can see it here: The Voice Brazil Website.




The challenge

The UX design team challenge was to create the digital piece of an engagement cross media experience. The Brazilian version of the TV show is twice as popular as the American one, with over 24 million viewers. The audience is incredibly passionate and active. They rely on the website to follow the progress of their favourite competitors.


The user needs and level of engagement changes with the course of the program. So we worked with the entertainment product team (from the TV) to map how the program works and what is important to the users in each step. This (below) is a summary of the findings.


The main points we were focusing on were:

  • The user needs to understand how the program works, in which step it is currently and what comes next.
  • People want to chose a team and a favourite participant to cheer (and they can get very attached to their favourite singer).
  • They need to see a kind of summary of all episodes to understand why some people are out and why some participants still competing.
  • The user wants to watch all the auditions and the battles. It's all about music. They want music.

Designed to drive deep user flows. 

Like every other product at the Globo ecosystem, The Voice was designed to keep the user flowing within content. Each element and template help the reader to find related news, stories about an episode or what happens in the backstage.

The Voice Brasil (credits: Globo)

The Voice Brasil (credits: Globo)



We started mapping and prioritising the type of content that would be presented in the screen. Once we got an agreement with the relevant stakeholders from the TV, I then prepared a more detailed wireframe to have more specific discussions about each feature.

When working on ideation stages, I often prefer doing a few design reviews with low fidelity screens. This avoid discussions about visual design and it's cheaper (quicker) to test and iterate. 



Proposed solution

This is the final solution as in production, considering the visual system and The Voice's branding. 

Globo still airing The Voice every year. From 2013 till now the website has gone through a number of iterations to align with both Globo and The Voice Branding updates. The current version in production isn't mine. 

Credits: Made with Francisco Rios (Creative Designer).