I'm Lu. I'm a Brazilian UX designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I’m also a bit of a traveler.

I've been working with User Experience Design, Usability and Online Strategies for 8 years. I started my career working as UX Information Architect at, the internet division of the biggest media group in South America. I spent four years there. Then, I worked as Senior UX Designer in some digital agencies in Brazil and Australia. Nowadays, I'm an Experience Design Consultant at Avanade, a global tech consultancy firm owned by Accenture and Microsoft, acting in 20 different countries. I'm based on Brisbane Head Quarters.

I hold a Master's Degree in Design from Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) (Brisbane, Australia) and a Specialisation / Post-Graduation's Degree in Usability, Information Architecture and Interface Design from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Rio, Brazil). My bachelor is in Social Communications (Major in Creative Advertising and Minor in Marketing) at School of Higher Education in Advertising and Marketing - ESPM-RJ (Rio, Brazil) and at IADE Creative University (Lisbon, Portugal) where I studied Visual Design with a Study Abroad Program Scholarship. 

I speak Portuguese and English and I also enjoy learning French, Italian and Spanish.

I'm passionate about traveling and I usually blog about travelling at TSTW to help - and encourage - people to explore the globe (it's only available in Portuguese). I also enjoy  hiking and rock climbing and this is basically all I do when I'm not designing stuff. Although we live in a connected world, I really appreciate spending time outdoors - usually with Tom Gissing, my partner (in life and climbing). 

I like to work in challenging projects and I believe that communication and knowledge change society, and help (to improve) people's lives. For this reason, I have chosen to dedicate my work to online communications and design friendly and useful interface solutions.








TETO Brasil (techo)

Fortunately, that I was born in a wealthy family, but there are around 16 million Brazilians living on extreme poverty (the richest 10% of Brazilians receive 42.7% of the nation's income, while the poorest 34% receive less than 1.2%). So, when living in Rio I used to do volunteer work at TETO (techo), a nonprofit organisation that mobilizes youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America. I proudly support them, and I encourage you to do it too. You can either make one donation or do it monthly.

Cancer council queensland

Cancer is a big issue in Australia, especially skin cancer. Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. For this reason, here in Australia I support the Cancer Council, a nonprofit organisation that is committed to providing Queenslanders with the best possible prospects of preventing, detecting, effectively treating and surviving a cancer diagnosis. You can either make one donation or do it monthly.